About Leaping Minnow

Leaping Minnow Consulting helps nonprofits step back from the day-to-day task of of fundraising and develop a broader perspective and framework for how to approach development. This approach is based on a belief that fundraising and development are not the same thing. 

Fundraising is the process of asking for support from individuals, foundations, corporations, governmental bodies and others. It includes proposal writing, direct-mail campaigns, online campaigns and other fundraising events. Most nonprofits engage in fundraising.

Development, on the other hand, is the process of establishing and stewarding relationships with potential donors to create financial support for an organization over time. A successful development program builds fundraising capacity by creating the structures, systems, organizational values and practices necessary to fully fund the organization's mission.

Fundraising can create immediate results. Development sustains results over time. Organizations that wish to increase their fundraising capacity must invest in their development program.

Leaping Minnow Consulting can help you assess your current fundraising capacity and develop a plan for increasing that capacity over time. Building a more successful development program requires a deliberate investment in your fundraising infrastructure, including developing a culture of philanthropy within the organization and creating the systems and staff capacity to achieve success.

You can hire a development director to do fundraising, but if you don’t have the fundraising capacity and the systems in place to effectively build and manage relationships, you’ll likely be disappointed in the results.

Leaping Minnow Consulting offers experience, perspective, tools and proven methods to build and sustain a successful fundraising program. Whether you seek a one-time consultation or an ongoing coach, I can help you plot a path to the next level.